Mission Statement

To unite leaders, so that equality is accelerated in our own lifetimes and ‘paves the way’ for the next generation.

We fulfil our mission through Elevate City’s

  • Events: Enabling a strong, supportive (and global) community with meaningful networking opportunities that deliver ‘value for time’
  • Papers: A world-first initiative, amplifying the voice of women leaders
  • Quarterly Talent Review: Ensuring women leaders are visible and in the right place, at the right time for senior appointments.

Upcoming Events

16 Mar 2021

IFRS 9: Accounting for Covid-19

Virtual Roundtable Leadership Series

23 Mar 2021

Understanding Cyber Risk

27 Apr 2021

Bribery and Corruption: Are We Doing Enough?

11 May 2021

Climate Change Risk

08 Jun 2021

Transitioning to Net-Zero: Insurance Perspective